Garry Point Park visitor safety

It’s officially cherry blossom season! With the days getting longer and sunny days on the forecast, heading to the park to view the spring flowers is on the top of everyone’s mind. Before you go, here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your trip to Garry Point Park safely and responsibly.

Visit the park during off-peak hours

As we all continue to do our best to protect ourselves, loved ones, and our fellow community members from COVID-19, it’s important to not gather in crowded areas. While there are going to be a lot of like-minded individuals, couples, and families excited for hanami (flower viewing) this year, please keep in mind: The cherry blossoms are just as beautiful on the weekdays as they are on the weekends.

Maintain physical distancing

Garry Point Park is located at the mouth of the Fraser River and next to the ocean, which means that it is an ideal place to fly kites — due to the wind! While ventilation is no problem for the great outdoors, we ask that all visitors maintain physical distancing within the park. If there are lots of people stopping for photographs, be patient until it is your turn to become the cherry blossom shutterbug.

Don’t forget to mask up

Masks are an additional safeguard against COVID-19. Masks not only protect the wearer, but also help keep others safe. Let’s all do our part by masking up and looking out for one another.

Protect the cherry blossoms

Although Akebono cherry trees are known for their hardy nature, that doesn’t mean they are indestructible! Please keep the cherry blossoms safe by not touching the flowers, pulling on the branches, or tearing off pieces of the bark. Your courtesy to the trees will ensure that the whole community will have a chance to enjoy the cherry blossoms for decades to come.