Check out this year’s tents!

Chibi Chan Tent

Children of all ages are invited to the Chibi Chan Tent to learn how to fold origami creatures using special Japanese paper and techniques.

Matsuri Tent

Vist the Matsuri tent between 11am and 4pm for demonstrations from local artists, including a look into the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony!

Sakura Tent

Come and experience Japanese culture through ikebana demonstrations, taiko drum performances and more inside the Sakura Tent!

Stage Program Schedule

11:30 AM – 12:30 PM – Ikebana Demonstration (by Stephen Kuo Sogetsu Style)

1:00 – 1:30PM – Welcome & Speeches

1:40 PM – Vancouver Okinawa Taiko

2:00 PM – Steveston Minyo Singing

2:20 PM – Steveston Japanese Language School Kimono Show

2:45 PM – Apple Choir Group

3:00 PM – Special Guest Performers (Shamisen & Taiko by Nori Nori & Komori)

3:30 PM – Collaboration Presentation (Drumming/Singing/Dancing) & Audience Participation